Jarett Sanchez Podcast re: John Taylor Gatto

September 11th, 2011 by sally Categories: Home Page Blog No Responses

Just discovered Jarett Sanchez podcast. This one is a reading from John Taylor Gatto. Sally has listened to a couple of others and they were wonderful, thoughtful pieces.  Anymore it is hard for Sally to do “hand work” without listening to a podcast because there’s just so much out there that is incredible.  This particular one addresses our dismal lack of educational choice and how the larger system of schooling make it difficult for the wonderful, caring and creative people who are drawn to teaching to truly educate, to bring forth the unique individuality of their students.  This is well worth the listen.  And the other programs on Sanchez’ playlist look as good and even better. Bring on the ‘hand work.”  There’s nothing like listening to wonderful ideas while shelling peas, or folding towels, or painting the trim in the bathroom!