My Prediction for 2012

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I want to go on record, here and now, and state, publicly and beforehand, that I am certain that on 12/21/12, something is going to happen.  I don’t know what, precisely, but with 7,059,353,061 people on the planet, something’s gotta happen, right?  Well, I’m predicting it.  So there.  You can take that to the bank.  Just don’t expect much of an interest rate.

While I feel a bit playful regarding the whole Mayan Calendar thing, I don’t much feel like scoffing.  The notion that this date in history would see some “event” – due to a galactic alignment, the end of an astrological age, a collision with Nibiru,  the reaching of the singularity, or the crossing of a “galactic synchronization beam” or the “Dark Rift” or “Xibalba be” – and that the Maya, or the Olmecs, with help from either psychedelics, gods, or aliens, could precisely measure and predict this event, has never made much sense at all to my mind, as that mind has been formed and trained inside of the scientific materialistic paradigm.  I see arbitrary definitions and unsupportable claims to precision, disinformation, confusion, and obfuscation, divided opinions about what is known and what is not, and a great deal of picking and choosing.  I see a host of competing and incompatible assumptions, expectations, analyses, and predictions.  I see cravings for collapse and transcendence, deep streams of individual and collective pain and fear and guilt and exhaustion, and swelling tides of hopefulness and longing and need and want.  But I don’t see much that convinces me that, on the physical level, this date means much of anything, beyond it being the date of the annual winter solstice.

But of course I don’t confine myself solely to that-there materialist paradigm.  I regard scientific materialism as an extremely useful facet through which to view reality, but limited and/or incomplete.  And so while I see little “scientific” reason to expect something of galactic significance happening on 12/21, I see no need to dismiss the entire phenomenon out of hand as nothing but silliness.  In the first place, I’ve encountered, over the years, many tantalizing bits of evidence and analysis that seem to point to the notion that ancient cultures developed or acquired the Long Count calendar and went to great lengths to use it for something, to tell us something, to pass down some knowledge which they felt was important.  There may be long-cycle factors of which we are not aware.  There may be message from the past, or from “the other.”  There may be, splashing about in that gray and choppy bathwater known as “the 2012 phenomenon,” a baby worth saving.

Beyond that, there are three other forces I see at work that could result in “something happening.”  First, were I a member of the hidden human elite global control layers popularly referred to as “they,” I would surely be voting for a 12/21 roll-out date for some new initiative, whether that be a false flag operation designed to tighten control or distract the rubes, or another controlled demolition of the current system meant to achieve whatever “double secret” goals “they” have.  Since I tend to think such layers actually exist, I, for one, shall not be at all surprised to see some rather dramatic event unfold on 12/21.  Second, were I a crewman on one of them-there UFOs, helping enact some hidden, enigmatic, long-term “plan,” I’d be looking at 12/21 as a wonderfully theatrical date for yet another act in the Great Cosmic Comedy known by many as “the alien agenda.”  Since I tend to think that there’s some measure of truthiness to such things, I am not inclined to rule out the possibility of “something big” coming down from the skies (or up from the underground lodges) to add to the spectacle.  I expect neither salvation nor invasion, but I also expect to be surprised by whatever unfolds, including the possibility that what unfolds is absolutely nothing at all that we can nail down.  Third, as someone who resonates strongly with the “holographic universe” idea, I see the possibility that the combined attention, intention, focus, wishin’, and hopin’ of millions of people, (including stork people and elm people and mosquito people and squid people and copper people) the chorus of belief sung by many more than a hundred monkeys, can itself “cause” events to unfold in the physical realm.  I think this shit is somehow more Real™ than scientific materialism acknowledges, that the physical realm is more plastic and malleable than our consensus beliefs usually allow.  Perhaps if hundreds of millions of us all go stand on the same side of the collective psychic boat, the dang thing’ll flip over.  Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Mostly I watch the whole 2012 thing in terms of what it tells us about ourselves, we Civilized™, apocalypse-loving folk, about what we sense in our world with our intuitive, sensitized animal bodies, about what we fear is rushing at us as the oil wells sputter and the climate goes whack and the economy falls to its knees, about the hopelessness and helplessness and out-of-controllness and resignation most people feel in the face of it all, about our wish for freedom and peace and reconnection and justice and a return to human sanity, about our longing for the return of magic and spirit, and our belief in what it will take to knock ourselves from our current system and free our hearts, minds, and souls from the shackles of the madness of assumption, expectation, belief and habit we call “normal.”  It may be that most people don’t really believe that there’s much Scientific™ reality to this 2012 phenomenon.  But we pay attention anyways, and think about it, and wonder, and joke, and maybe even hope a little.  Why the hell not?  We’re like the older kids in the line to see Santa, like non-believers whispering deathbed prayers.  We’ve got our doubts, for sure, but… what harm, eh?  Who knows?  And why not?  Cover the bases, just in case.  And knock on wood.

Our local cafe is hosting an end-of-the-year party on Friday night, and a survivor’s brunch the following morning.  I expect both events to go off without a hitch.  But who knows?  Something is going to happen on 12/21.  Somewhere.  I’ve already predicted it.  Maybe they’ll run out of hollandaise sauce.  Maybe the wind will knock down a pole and the power will go out all over the island.  Or maybe something truly astounding or horrible or transformative will happen somewhere on planet Earth that will thrust us off our current worldline and toward something else we do not now expect.  I’m open to the possibility.  And I don’t feel like I have anything to lose by staying that way.

I’ll see you all on the other side.  Hold onto your hats.  Love the ones you’re with.  And make sure you have a buddy.  Drink plenty of water, and always have a litter bag in your car.  Beyond that, you’re on your own.  You know what to do.


Warning: Beyond Here Be Scoffing!

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