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Tim Bennett Headshot (GIF 28 KB)

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Stills from What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire

The problem of self destruction (228 KB) Let me know the truth… (92 KB) What a Way to Go Title Card (104 KB) Carla Royal (192 KB) Waking on the Train (136 KB) To strive… (168 KB) Going out of business (204 KB) The inevitable end to Mr. Malthus’ musings… (176 KB) Shit, not again! (176 KB) You maniacs!  (156 KB) I lived the stories I had learned as a child…  (152 KB) The Train and the Tracks  (192 KB) The empire has no clothes (224 KB) Richard Heinberg (176 KB) Paul Roberts (156 KB) Production will falter… (200 KB) Stayce Leanza (176 KB) Jerry Mander (208 KB) I don’t know how they’re going to manage it (152 KB) William Schlesinger (204 KB) Rising CO2 levels (84 KB) Barbara Lorie (184 KB) Stuart Pimm (156 KB) It’s not just our human descendents… (152 KB) Douglas Crawford-Brown (148 KB) Richard Manning (216 KB) Laurel Hopper (180 KB) Otis Graham (192 KB) We are a nation of 21 billion people… (200 KB) William Catton (192 KB) Lyle Estill (212 KB) The Locomotive Power (164 KB) Sally Erickson (186 KB) I don’t see how we’re going to respond effectively…(200 KB) How did we get here? (184 KB) Daniel Quinn and the Stories of Empire (168 KB) Padding our cells… (156 KB) Thomas Berry (164 KB) We’re like a culture of two-year-olds… (192 KB) Derrick Jensen (228 KB) People are very, very unhappy… (216 KB) Daniel Quinn (132 KB) Wanting to hit bottom (182 KB) Chellis Glendinning (176 KB) The myth of the technofix (256 KB) The parable of the tribes (208 KB) Ran Prieur (180 KB) The seventh generation (228 KB) Bandages for the wounds of empire… (216 KB) Sarah Erickson (220 KB) Consume…consume…consume… (216 KB) Charlie stole the handle… (176 KB) Walkabout (84 KB) If we don’t change our direction… (184 KB) Let us pray we have the wisdom… (136 KB) I didn’t say it would be easy… (136 KB) We are the ones we’ve been waiting for… (176 KB) Be bold… (16 KB) it’s a time of initiation, folks… (212 KB) And the day came… (176 KB) Lose sight of the shore… (248 KB) Build a boat (244 KB) We’re going to have to let go of the shore… (240 KB) It’s hard to sail alone… (152 KB)