Economy & Financial Meltdown

“All the structures that now exist – our urban formations, our transportation systems, our means of getting food, globalization as an economic model, capitalism as an economic model, which depends on constant expansion and growth and ever-more resources – cannot possibly continue to exist. Because they’re all based on – the root base of all of it – is the existence of cheap energy.”
Jerry Mander, is author of Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television and In the Absence of the Sacred. Read more about him and watch a video clip from What A Way To Go.

Once We Start Downhill… from VisionQuest Pictures on Vimeo.

The perfect storm of resource depletion, climate disruption, population and third world economic growth have led to an inevitable crisis point for our current growth economy.

Our favorite resource in understanding the American economic system and the impacts of Peak Oil and the current financial chaos and meltdown is Chris Martenson. Chris has put together a free 3 hour course that explains in plain English the causes of the current financial crisis. He also publishes updates several times a week on news and analysis focused on economy. We heartily recommend both the course and his comprehensive website. The course is called The Crash Course.