Population Overshoot

“… our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load… That carrying capacity surplus is gone now, eroded both by population increase and immense technological enlargement of per capita resource appetites and environmental impacts. Human life is now being lived in an era of deepening carrying capacity deficit. All of the familiar aspects of human societal life are under compelling pressure to change in this new era when the load increasingly exceeds the carrying capacities of many local regions—and of a finite planet. Social disorganization, friction, demoralization, and conflict will escalate.”

William Catton, Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

More and More Feet Getting Bigger and Bigger from VisionQuest Pictures on Vimeo.

William Catton is one of the most articulate writers on the implications of human population and carrying capacity overshoot. Read more about him and watch a video clip from What A Way To Go.