The Scholars

Read a short bio, watch an interview clip, or check out the books from this great list of scholars and researchers who are highlighted in What A Way To Go:

William Schlesinger Jr.
“Crops and trees will grow in places they don’t grow today. We have a lot of suspicion that they may not grow as well.”

Stuart Pimm
“Yes, life will recover from what we are doing to the planet. but don’t hold your breath. It’s going to take millions of years. It’s going to take an incredible number of human generations. Trillions of people will live in a biologically impoverished world if we don’t stop out human impacts right now.”

Douglas Crawford Brown
“Our watersheds in the United States have been so highly developed that even small changes in the amount of water that falls are beginning to cause large implications for society’s availability of water.”

William Catton
“A city could be defined, almost, as a human ecosystem that grossly exceeds the carrying capacity of its local environment.”

Thomas Berry
“Without the soaring birds, without the great forests, the free-flowing streams, the sight of the clouds by day, and the stars by night, we become impoverished in all that makes us human”