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Contrary to popular lore, independent filmmakers are rarely affluent. Most, in fact, go into deep debt making a film and only occasionally get back out of debt. We made What A Way To Go through local fundraising, investing our own capital, and thousands of hours of sweat equity. We are not in debt and feel very grateful.

We’ve decided to release the movie for free Internet viewing with the intention of being of service. However, we have never made even minimum wagefor the thousands of hours we put into the making of the movie.

If you value what you see here, please show your appreciation by purchasing a DVD or Bonus footage discsdownloading the movie through Filmbaby, or making a donation.

Thank You!

Full Movie:

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-5

Chapter 6 – Peak Oil

Chapter 7 – Climate Change

Chapter 8 – Mass Extinction

Chapter 9 – Population Overshoot

Chapters 10 – Ancient Origins

Chapters 11-15

Chapters 16-17

Chapters 18-19

Chapters 20-24

Chapters 25-27