Piano For All by Robin Hall – My Honest Comprehensive Review

As someone who loves music and singing, I have always wanted to learn to play musical instruments.

When I was young, I tried to convince my parents to buy me a piano so I could learn how to play it. And as I got older and started using adult dating apps, I found that being able to play the piano was a great way to seal the deal.

Sadly, we couldn’t afford it as my parent’s income was just enough to feed and clothe me and my other siblings.

Fast-forward today, I can now buy my own keyboard plus other musical instruments—thanks to my current job. 

Now that I can afford a keyboard (I settled for a keyboard, pianos are still expensive plus I don’t have enough space in my apartment), I figured maybe it’s also time to sign up for a piano lesson.

The only problem was there were no tutors in my area.

Thankfully, I’ve found this amazing solution to my problem: Piano For All.

Pianoforall is basically a piano online course with an unconventional learning method for learning piano.

 With this course, I don’t need a tutor to help me master the instrument. 

I can also learn how to play all my favorite music like a pro without spending months of training. 

In this article, I’ll share with you my honest review and experience with the course.

What is PianoForAll?

Most traditional music training begins by understanding and learning the music theory and standard music notation.

This is then followed by learning scales and sheet music.

Piano For All starts by putting you into the practice of using keyboard diagrams combined with audio and video tutorials.

Each of these books targets different genres and key areas of learning the piano.

All the ebooks can be downloaded and stored on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, or Android

The beauty of putting the course on ebooks is that you can always bookmark and go back to sections so you can learn at your own pace.

With more than 250,000 students, Piano For All is one of the widely purchased chord-based piano courses online.

For just the same price for a single piano lesson from an experienced teacher — this affordable course comes with 200 video lessons.

 500 audio lessons, and nine downloadable e-books plus one bonus book which can give you tricks and best methods for practicing your chords.

Many agree that Piano for All is a great shortcut to learning the piano.

It’s best for those seeking to learn how to play the piano and sound like a pro in just a short time. 

Piano For All’s program focuses on teaching you to play chords and gradually transcend to rhythms, melodies, and popular music in different genres such as pop, jazz, blues, rock songs, and all other popular songs from the past decade.

The course is very easy to follow.

It teaches chords in a progressive form which improves as the lessons advance. 

By building on this foundation, you not only learn skills but also confidence as your abilities grow each day.

Piano for All comes with a complete set of interactive materials you can do for at least 20 – 2 hour daily sessions

The video guide comes with keyboard demonstrations performed by Robin Hall.

You’ll only need a piano or keyboard for the course, nothing more!

Meet Piano for All Creator: Mr. Robin Hall

Piano for All is a course created by Mr. Robin Hall, the piano master himself who is known for his vast experience in using the keyboard and piano.

Mr. Hall originally started his career as a cartoonist.

 He wrote guides on how to draw cartoons and on the side he taught piano to young children. 

After a while he stopped drawing cartoons and focused on teaching piano.

He poured his heart and soul into teaching the musical instrument and decided to start an online piano course for all.

Mr. Hall’s course has quickly become one of the best courses out there thanks to his detailed coursework and interesting tips and advice on playing the piano.​

Mr. Hall’s method is a tried and true way of learning the piano — perhaps an even good replacement for a piano teacher?

You decide.

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Overview of the eBooks

Pianoforall program includes 9 eBooks with the following titles:

  • Book 1 – Party Time / Play by Ear / Rhythm Piano
  • Book 2 – Blues and Rock n Roll
  • Book 3 – Chord magic
  • Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy
  • Book 5 – Ballad Style
  • Book 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy
  • Book 7 – Advanced Blues & Fake Stride
  • Book 8 – Taming the Classics
  • Book 9 – Speed Learning

Book 1: Party Time ~ Play by Ear ~ Rhythm Piano

Book 1 revolves in studying the foundation of chords and rhythms. 

It doesn’t make you memorize all the notes and music symbols; instead it goes straight to the fun part.

In this chapter, the study of chords is prioritized before building improv, sight-reading, and melody composition. 

The book introduces you to 10 party rhythms along with a couple of keyboard diagrams and tricks for playing upbeat rhythms.

This book also focuses on learning notes on the keyboard and teaches you the basic three-note chords.

Book 2: Blues & Rock N Roll

Book Two is focused on teaching blues rhythms.

These rhythms can be found in many classic songs and you’ll even recognize some of them as you go along the lesson. 

Book 2 is a brief chapter that discusses five blues rhythms and includes tips on how to play twelve-bar blues.

Book 3: Chord Magic

Book 3 is a rather long chapter that discusses chords for each key including their inversions. 

This chapter also helps you understand the concept called “cycle of fifths” which teaches you the general structure of music.

Basically, this chapter focuses more on chords than melodies.

Book 4: Advanced chords made easy 

In this book you’ll learn to play chords from challenging chord symbols.

The book teaches you a “magic formula” you can use to learn advanced chords with ease as well as easy tricks to master difficult chords in a short amount of time.

In this section, you’ll also get to practice on Beatles songs.

Book 5: Ballad Style

Book 5 focuses on the ballad style.

For this reason, this chapter should only be done when you have mastered grip on chords. 

Aside from the basics, Book 5 teaches you how to create your very own ballad-style melodies

Personally, I love this part since the book opens opportunities for creativity—a missing section in most online courses.

Book 6: All that Jazz and Blues

This book is all about learning jazz and blues. 

It teaches you the best way to read complex jazz rhythms and encourages you to learn the rhythms by listening and copying the audio clips.

Jazz is the most common piano rhythm which you can always hear in restaurants and bars. 

It’s one of the coolest things to first learn on the piano instead of nursery songs.

Book 7: Advanced Blues and Fake Stride

Book 7 is an additional lesson on your chord knowledge from Book 2.

It teaches you new right-hand chord riffs along with the blues rhythm you’ve learned in the previous lessons. 

You’ll also learn the stride piano.

Book 8: Taming the Classics

In this book, you’ll learn more about:

  • Musical notation
  • Key signatures
  • New symbols
  • Musical language

 If you’re bad at reading notes and understanding music in general, this is the best tutorial for you.

This section will help you understand classic tones as well as master some of the best classical melodies.

You’ll be introduced to some of the popular classic music performed by favorites such as Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven.

Book 9: Speed Learning

Learning the piano is all about good memory tricks and this book gives you the exercises to ensure you’re learning fast.

This book is all about learning the arpeggios, triads, and scales of playing the piano.

Book 10: The bonus book “practice of mindfulness”

The last book contains advice on incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. 

It teaches you simple methods you can do to increase your focus on every piano learning session.

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Overview of the Video Lessons

The video lessons are composed of 200 video clips ideal for beginners.

The videos are comprised of guides that cover some of the easiest and most effective techniques in learning to play the piano.

 In the video, you’ll see the instructor shows how each chord is played on the keyboard. 

These video lessons are also connected to ebooks. 

There’s a related video for each lesson found in the ebook along with a step by step demonstration.

These video lessons are the most praised part of the course for Mr. Robin Hall’s masterful delivery. 

Here you can see why he is known as a great teacher.

Who Can Buy Piano For All?

As stated in the product name, Piano For All is a course for everyone but most especially for novice piano players. 

It’s suitable for adults, teenagers, and even children who want to learn piano fast.

Because of the progressive nature of the course, it is easy to follow even by young children with a bit of guidance from their parents.

The course is designed especially for total beginners and people with intermediate piano skills.

Students can read music and play by ear using techniques and magic formulas introduced by the book. 

Each lesson focuses on one important piano skill and gets more advanced as the more books you finish. 

If you follow the course from book 1 until 9, you can easily learn the basics in just a matter of days. 

You’ll surprise your family and friends by how fast you can learn on the piano.

Pianoforall is a great course to help you learn to play some of the best piano music of the decade starting with ballads, blues, and jazz. 

It also encourages the student to improvise and create new melodies—there’s a specific chapter in the ebook that teaches them essential skills connected to this.

Piano for All is not suited for concert pianists and those who want to follow the standard approach to learning piano.


Piano For All has some of the best reviews online

Here’s an example of a testimonial that shows just how brilliant this course is:

Hey Robin, Just wanted to say thanks for this course. I live in Nashville TN and so naturally I write songs. I play the guitar but I wanted to start writing on the piano.

This is a great course for that. Someday I’ll get around to sight-reading and maybe playing some classical music but this is a great way to get up and running fast for songwriting on the piano.

Hopefully, in the next six months, I’ll have some piano style demos up on my website to go with the ones that are already there. I feel like I owe you more money.—Mike, Nashville Tennessee

In this review from Mike, a guitar player from Tennessee, you can see how much the course has helped him as a beginner. 

As a guitar player, Mike is probably familiar with chords and already has a grasp on advanced piano chords

Despite this, mastering the piano is a whole different thing and he sought help from Robin Hall’s course which is also the best decision he’s made.

He says the course “is a great way to get up and running fast for songwriting on the piano”.

Learning the piano as well as the guitar can help Mike create better melodies for the songs he wants to make. 

He also feels that he owes the creator money because of how good the course is.

What I Dislike About Pianoforall

1) Boring Visuals

The piano program would have benefited with a more aesthetic and well designed visual

It could be a simple video editing to enhance clarity or add elements that users will find entertaining. 

Visual keyboard tutorials are all over the internet now and you can even find some great stuff on Youtube. 

I just wish they updated the visuals so it wouldn’t look a bit outdated.

2) Audio Integration Issues

More of a technical issue rather than a product flaw, the audio stops as soon as you flip the page.

This can get a bit annoying especially if you’re concentrating and need to hear the tune while practicing.

An easy fix can solve this.

What I Like About Pianoforall

1) Price

We all know how pricey piano lessons with music teachers can get.

You need a budget of around $100 to $1000 to sign up for a good piano course.

If you’re on a tight budget, affording these kinds of piano lessons can be almost impossible.

Piano For All saves you from all this trouble.

In fact, for an extensive and informative online piano course, I must say Piano For All is priced quite cheaply

This is one of the best courses where you can get the most out of your money.

2) Audio and Video Learning

The course is so masterfully done that you can follow easily thanks to its audio and video resources.

Mr. Robin Hall has done a great job arranging the books in a way that suits beginners.

The whole course has a total of more than 10 hours worth of audio and video content which roughly equals to ten 1-hour piano lessons from a real piano master.

The course also covers an extensive collection of music styles which will give you more experience to build on.

I love that every resource relates to one another.

You can use the videos to follow the ebook and vice versa.

3) Offline Availability 

Piano for All is a digital product which means you can only get it online.

But thanks to its downloadable feature, you can also access this course offline

You don’t have to worry about losing connection in the middle of your practice, you can simply download the videos beforehand.

This makes learning a lot easier and convenient.

You can take a break and continue from any part and anytime you want.

4) Easy Access and Compatibility

Unlike other popular courses today, you don’t need to log-in to a certain website in order to play the videos or audios.

After purchase, you’ll be given the download file link.

This link contains the files which can be downloaded to all kinds of devices. 

You can also transfer files from one device to another with no hassle.

5) Fun and Motivating

Do you know how the best pianist started? They first fell in love with playing the piano.

This course does just that exactly.

It makes learning the piano a lot more entertaining which is what sold it for me. 

As someone with a short attention span and short patience in learning new things, it’s rare when I find great courses that I tend to stick to from start to finish.

Pianoforall is that rare exception.

Learning the chords the traditional way can be very boring but not with Piano for All. 

Thanks to its step-by-step approach and easy to follow chapters, you’ll have fun mastering the keys all throughout the course. 

You don’t need to master the music theory or have any prior knowledge about chords, this engaging course can make playing the piano easy as pie!

What is the Average Time You Need to Dedicated for Piano for All?

Piano for All is a course for beginners so it’s okay to start with small steps.

Most would find one lesson a week ideal if they have busy schedules.

Others who have a lot of time can practice 5-8 hours a day and be able to finish this course in less than a week!

Basically, the more time you put into the course, the faster you can learn and master basic and advanced piano skills.

Where To Get Piano For All

Piano for all is available on the course’s official website.

It’s priced $40 and comes with 9 interactive eBooks, 200 videos, and 500 audio lessons.

 If you wish to get the complete course on a CD-ROM, you can do it for a little price addition.

The eBooks contain diagrams of piano keys as well as traditional music notation.

The course’s pdf can also be accessed on almost any device including PC, Mac, iPhone, or any Android Device.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry there are absolutely zero risks for this product.

Piano for All also comes with a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee offer. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the creator himself using the email address on his site.

Robin is known for his fast personal responses and loves to hear from his students all over the world.


The thing about music training is it starts with the boring stuff—the fundamentals which can actually be skipped so you start with action and making music. 

This is where Piano for All excels. 

Piano For All is a convenient and exemplary course to help you master piano in just a few weeks.

The second part zones in on more specific instructions and detailed examples.

It shows how she can apply the author’s methods in everyday life.

As someone who loves taking online courses, I can honestly say I have never found a piano course I liked so much more than Pianoforall.

In my opinion, Piano For All is probably the best piano course out there.

It’s a straightforward approach to learning the piano is 1000x better than the traditional way and I think most people will agree on this.

The best part of this course is I think the dedication of Robin Hall while creating the video and audio integration of his course.

Robin is a wonderful teacher and I also admire his support to his students.

Listening and studying the resources feels like you’re under the guidance of a friendly and well-respected piano teacher.

His tutorials are very motivating.

He always replies to emails and offers personal support to people who encounter issues with the course.

It’s never too late to learn the piano, no matter how old you are right now.

highly recommend this course for beginners who want to experience a fun and easy piano tutorial.

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Written by Timothy Bennett
An artist and filmmaker who has lived in North Carolina for eighteen years. Born and raised in rural Michigan, he began his inquiry into environmental and cultural issues in the late 80s. His talent for "big-picture thinking," along with his ability to see through the taboos, denials, and orthodoxies of our culture.